Mindful Intimacy Card Deck


Spice things up and deepen your connection with our viral card deck for couples.

Strengthen your relationship's sexual and emotional intimacy with our card deck for couples. There are 138 prompts based on sex therapy principles to help you open up, explore your desires and learn new things about each other.

  • Strengthen your communication
  • Fuel desire and chemistry
  • Learn new things about each other
  • Perfect for date nights
  • 138 prompts lasts many rounds of play
  • For all kinds of couples
  • Sex therapist approved
  • Exclusive artwork elevates the experience
  • 138 prompts
  • Two levels: romantic and spicy
  • Exclusive artwork on box and cards doubles as table art
  • Size: 2.75 in. H x 5.4 in. W x 5 in. D  
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs
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How it works

Two levels of 69 cards each – 138 total
Start with Level 1 prompts and keep playing until you feel ready to spice things up with Level 2
Take turns answering prompts. Keep going until you can't keep your hands off each other.
Warm things up with romantic prompts.
Example prompts:
"What turns you on the most about me?"
"What do you like most about our relationship?"
"What date would you like us to go on that we haven't yet?"
When you feel ready, move onto Level 2.
Explore your sexual desires and new possibilities in bed.
Example prompts:
"What's your sexual fantasy and would you like it to come true?"
"What do you miss about our sex life?"
"What do you most enjoy watching me do in bed?"
Two levels of 69 cards each – 138 total

What couples are saying

"My husband and I played the deck last night. I'm still beaming. We had the most amazing evening and, I never thought this possible, but I am even more in love with him today!"

Leah S.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating

“My partner and I got this to learn more about each other and have some fun. This game exceeded my expectations!! We learned more about ourselves and our relationship than I could have ever imagined."

Breana S.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating

“My partner has a hard time talking about intimacy and sex in regards to what he wants/ likes/ dislikes. These cards helped open us both up and definitely brought us closer and we learned a bunch of new things about each other.”

Erin A.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating

the Story behind our CARD deck

Did you know that talking about sex leads to more desire, arousal, lubrication and orgasms? 

Yet when we surveyed 500 couples in 2021, we found that talking about sex was their biggest pain point. It prevented them from trying new things, having better sex and feeling closer to their partners.

So our founder and sexologist Natassia Miller designed a card deck to help couples share their emotional and sexual desires, and deepen their connection.

Determined to elevate the experience, we partnered with artist Nathalie Edenburg to feature arousing artwork that makes Mindful Intimacy double as table art.

Natassia Miller sexologist and founder of Wonderlust

Approved by sex therapists

Mike Rosen

Sex Therapist

"As a therapist, I can say this for certain: you can do all the therapy you want, but eventually you have to talk to your partner, too. The Mindful Intimacy Deck provides the vocabulary to do just that."

5 star rating
Dr. Kate Balestrieri

Sex Therapist

"This is a wonderful deck to enhance intimacy, emotionally and sexually, with new or long-term partners. The artwork is fantastic, so erotic and inclusive. The questions offer gentle topics and fodder for deeper conversation."

5 star rating
Rena Martine

Women's Intimacy Coach

"Mindful Intimacy is the card deck I recommend most often to my intimacy coaching clients. It strikes the perfect balance between playful and deep, emotional and physical."

5 star rating


Who is the Mindful Intimacy Card Deck for?
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It's for all kinds of couples. Prompts are non-gendered, and therefore LGBTQ+ friendly.

While we created it with longer-term couples in mind, new couples and those who are dating have shared with us that they've loved it too.

Talking about sex, after all, matters at any stage!

How do you play Mindful Intimacy?
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There are 2 levels of 69 cards each - 138 cards total.

It's the card that asks the question, not you, which makes it an easy experience for couples to talk about their relationship and sex life.

Level 1 is thoughtful and romantic to warm things up. Level 2 is seriously spicy.

Start with Level 1 and when you feel comfortable, move onto Level 2.

Keep going until you can't keep your hands off each other.

What's the difference between Levels One and Two?
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Level 1 is thoughtful and romantic. Warm things up with prompts that remind you of what drew you together.

Level 2 is spicy. Learn more about each other's desires, explore new possibilities in bed and build confidence asking for what you want.

Each level contains 69 cards each.

How is Mindful Intimacy different from other intimacy card decks?
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It helps you talk about sex in a tasteful manner. Other intimacy decks tend to have very few prompts, if any, that are centered on sex. We dedicate an entire Level of 69 cards to it.

It has the best of both worlds combining relationship and sex life prompts.

Plus, it's beautifully designed featuring artwork by Brazilian artist Nathalie Edenburg to elevate your experience and decorate the home.

Do you ship internationally?
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Yes we do for a fee of $10-15, depending on the weight of your order.

Please estimate 1-3 weeks time for delivery.

And remember that customs fees are your responsibility, not ours.

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail us at hi@wonderlust.co

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