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Sexual Desire Course

Learn how sexual desire works and how to increase yours.

Sexual Desire

courses can be done

at your own pace

from the privacy & comfort of your home

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Meet your instructor

I’m Natassia Miller, sexologist and founder of Wonderlust

Born in Brazil and based in NYC, I’ve always loved talking about sex and relationships with my friends. Over time, I realized just how common many of our experiences are — even when we think we’re alone.

A healthy sex life and relationship is key to our happiness, and it can be learned.

But let’s be real, taking action can be intimidating and you’re so busy, it’s easy to leave sexual wellness at the bottom of your list of priorities.

That’s why I started Wonderlust — to help you prioritize intimacy through practical tools and education that guide you towards building the sex life you want. My mission is to help you thrive, in and out of bed.

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How to confidently  talk about sex

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